Episode 13

Jennifer Groff: The Platform is burning

In this episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast by Coconut Thinking, I speak with Jennifer Groff. Jennifer is the Founder of Learning Futures and was the Chief Learning Officer at Lumiar Education. Her work largely focuses on redesigning systems, learning environments, and digital innovations that align with the learning sciences. Jennifer brings tremendous, positive energy and thinking to curricular innovation and supporting teachers, students, and schools through the pedagogical changes that education just might need. We discuss:

  • The emerging ecosystem of competency- and mastery-based evidencing (including digital passports)

  • Embedding Design Thinking into creating learning experiences

  • How maybe we just need to start over...

Join us for this episode where Jennifer's ideas and connections are sure to provoke. As always, we look forward to your thoughts.

Erratum: I referred to cyborgs when what I really meant were androids. 

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