Episode 12

Bern Nicholls: Learning through curiosity of the heart and the mind

In this episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast by Coconut Thinking, I speak with Bern Nicholls. Bern is a school-based researcher who focuses on creating cultures of curiosity that support students and teachers to pursue their inquiries. She embraces curiosity as the fuel for her own learning and many interests. Bern and I had an earlier conversation about adopting a more biocentric worldview and set of values to address the problems that lay ahead for the planet and all living beings. I wanted to capture more of her inspiring thoughts in this podcast. In this conversation, Bern and I discuss:

  • How it’s not either/or; it’s both/and… breaking through binaries and dualism.  

  • How curiosity is the precursor to thinking. 

  • The need for teacher agency, not just student agency.

  • The power of animals in learning and well-being. 

Join us for this episode and we look forward to your thoughts.

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