Episode 14

Valerie Hannon: Thriving through a new story of school

In this episode of the Meaningful Learning Podcast, I speak with Valerie Hannon. Valerie is a global thought leader, inspiring systems to re-think what educational ‘success’ will mean in the 21st century. The co-founder of both Innovation Unit  and of the Global Education Leaders Partnership, Valerie is a radical voice for change, whilst grounded in a deep understanding of how education systems currently work. A former Director of Education for Derbyshire and then an adviser in the UK Department for Education, she now works to release and harness the agency and creativity of both learners and educators. Currently, she is Senior Adviser to the OECD in its Education 2030 project. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Thinking about learning in terms of "what for?" before moving onto "how?"
  • Learning to thrive in a transforming world (ecologically and through biotech and infotech)
  • How we need to re-write the story in order to build the public will for change.

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