Episode 3

Maggie Favretti: The Decomposition of school and regeneration of learning

In this episode, I speak with Maggie Favretti. Maggie Maggie Favretti has spent over 35 years happily helping her students to ask, “why not now?” Maggie has won scholarship and teaching awards from three professional historical organizations (WHA, AHA, OAH), a national organization of bankers (Sallie Mae Foundation Teacher of the Year), and a national organization of student leaders (21st-century Teacher of the Year). She has been recognized by President Obama for her work in environmental education, and by the Sousa Mendes Foundation’s Freedom Award for her work facilitating the next generation of rescuers, Students for Refugees. By far her greatest joy has been devising opportunities for students (and teacher-facilitators) to tap into their innate creativity, resourcefulness, and collaboration across disciplines, using design thinking to solve complex problems in their own communities and beyond. In this episode we discuss:

🥥 How learning is a function of time, which might be thought of cyclically, as birth and death;

🥥 The degenerative effect the race for "success" has had on education, which might be the opportunity some of us are looking for; and

🥥 How love and relationships are teachers' superpowers.

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