Episode 4

Jennifer D. Klein and Kapono Ciotti: The learner is the main character of their education

In this episode, I speak to Jennifer D. Klein and Kapono Ciotti, authors of The Landscape Model of Learning. Jennifer is the founder of Principled Learning Strategies, which provides professional development to support authentic student-driven global learning experiences in schools. She has a broad background in global education and partnership development, student-driven curricular strategies, inclusivity, and experiential, inquiry-driven learning. Kapono has worked internationally in educational change organizations, leading the work of Deeper Learning and place and culture-based pedagogy. In these roles, he has trained teachers in over 100 schools and school districts over four continents, impacting hundreds of thousands of students. In addition, Kapono spent 15 years as National Faculty for the National Association of Independent Schools in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, facilitating national and international learning experiences. We discuss:

🥥 How learning is a personal journey and imposing a set curriculum for everyone often harms the individual and society;

🥥 How standards were designed and are maintained as a tool of control;

🥥 The idea that learner-directed should replace learner-centered in order to achieve liberation.

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