Episode 2

Giles Hutchins: Leading by nature: Being transparent to the transcendent

In this episode, I speak with Giles Hutchins, pioneering practitioner, keynote speaker and executive coach at the forefront of regenerative leadership and organizational development. Through his executive leadership coaching he applies advanced adult developmental psychology, regenerative leadership practices, consciousness raising techniques, deep-dive nature immersions, embodiment work, ancient wisdom tradition insights, and cutting edge research on leadership consciousness. He is currently Chairman of the Future Fit Leadership Academy, Lead Partner of The Natural Business Partnership, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, co-founder of Regenerators.co and partner/associate with a number of pioneering organisations, such as The Global Leaders Academy, Renewal Associates and The Laszlo New Paradigm Research Institute. In this episode, we discuss:

🥥 How we can open ourselves up to greater receptivity, responsiveness, and reciprocity;

🥥 How sensing into our own essence and into that of the living organization will inform how we and the organization adapt and evolve through emerging processes;

🥥 How a new world view based on life, on living systems (what Giles calls quantum complexity) can emerge only by moving beyond today's dominant, but increasingly fragile, mechanist worldview.

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