Episode 6

Joe Rice: We can tell a different story

In this episode, I speak with Joe Rice. Joe is the Co-founding Director of Philips Indigenous Education Network, specializing in holistic learning for well-being rooted in Nature. The mission of Phillips Indian Educators is to dramatically improve education for Native American students by insuring that all educators of Native American students incorporate indigenous best practices into their teaching, and to continuously work towards a Native consensus of what those best practices are and should be. Joe has over 40 years' experience as an administrator, teacher, and advocate for indigenous education. We discuss:

🥥 How we often see the world through artificial constructs, illusions that prevent us from connecting to the coherence of the world;

🥥 Letting go of control and linearity in education to make space for play and creativity;

🥥 Telling a different story, not one of individualism, but rather one of how we are all related, including to the more than human world.

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