Episode 7

Michelle Blanchet: The primacy of purpose and the need for agility

In this episode, I speak with Michelle Blanchet. Michelle is the founder of the Educators’ Lab, which supports teacher-driven solutions to educational challenges. Michelle is the co-author of The Startup Teacher Playbook, and  Preventing Polarization: 50 Strategies for Teaching Kids About Empathy, Politics, and Civic Responsibility. She has worked with organizations like PBS Education, the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, the Center for Curriculum Redesign, and Ashoka. We discuss:

🥥 Social entrepreneurship as purpose that changes our understanding of process and outcome;

🥥 The important of students learning the skills they will need, which depend on the students, but also on the coherence with the world we want to bring about;

🥥 How critical it is to engage in civic society in order to shape policy, the most effective means of change on a larger scale.

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