Episode 5

Dean Bragonier: Learning from a place of abundance

In this episode, I speak with Dean Bragonier. Dean is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and advocate for people with dyslexia. He is the founder of NoticeAbility, a non-profit organization that aims to empower students with dyslexia to recognize and use their unique strengths to achieve success in education and life. This is a conversation about what happens when we approach learning—and life!—from abundance, not scarcity. It also speaks to what can happen when we appreciate the unique gifts and points of view that we each bring. We discuss:

🥥 How what we have learned about teaching people with dyslexia can apply to all learners, perhaps re-framing what schools should be;

🥥 Purpose as a powerful energy for learning and growing (we even came up with the word "teleodiversity");

🥥 How responding to the crises we are in requires the unleashing of imagination and diversity.

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