Episode 20

Stefan Bauschard: AI will transform the kind of educators we are

In this episode, I speak with Stefan Bauschard. Stefan is the Co-founder of educating4ai.com; the Owner of DebateUS.org, the Executive Co-Director of the New York City Urban Debate League and the Debate Coach @ Lakeland Schools. He is also the author of several substance articles that have received a tremendous amount of attention in the way they challenge us to re-think assessment, re-think our ways or learning, and re-think our relationships with evidencing what we can do... all due to AI. We discuss:

🥥 How AI will be able to teach learners certain things better than any human ever could;

🥥 How AI will end the primacy of single artifact assessments, in favor of more creative, individualized ways to demonstrate understanding;

🥥 The notion that educators in the future will be those who care about and enjoy spending time with kids.

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You can find Stefan's substance articles here: https://stefanbauschard.substack.com/

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