Episode 19

Russell John Cailey: Learning is a nimble, collective and contextual experience

How might curriculum emerge from specific time and place?

In this episode, I speak with Russell John Cailey. Russell is the Managing Director and visionary behind THINK Learning Studio (TLS), which is associated with Think Global School, one of the first traveling high schools. He aims to revolutionize the education industry. Honoured as a Top 100 Global Visionary in Education by GFEL in 2021, Russell is dedicated to positioning TLS as a beacon of innovation and inspiration for educators worldwide, challenging traditional norms. Russell is the Co-founder of the Hakuba Forum, ForesightLab.org and EduVue.ai. We discuss:

🥥 The importance of listening to local contexts and not coming in with a pre-made, out of the box solution in education, particularly when it comes to PBL;

🥥 The risks and opportunities that come with challenging traditional education;

🥥 How collective endeavors might be the next horizon for AI, beyond individual productivity.

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