Episode 26

Gary Stager: Instruction is overvalued

In this episode, I speak with Gary Stager, Ph.D. Since 1982, Dr. Gary Stager has helped school educators around the worldembrace computational technology as an intellectual laboratory, vehicle for self-expression, and window onto a world of possibilities for amplifying the potential of each student in preparation for an uncertain future. All of his work is rooted in the Piagetian notion that “knowledge is a consequence of experience.” His activities with teachers and students are guided by a focus on learning-by-doing. He is also the founder of Constructing Modern Knowledge. In thie episode, we discuss:

  • How schools have an obligation to introduce kids to things they don't yet know they love, but then that becomes their project, and it's not driven by the curriculum;
  • How a good a prompt that can fit on a post-it note is sometimes all you need for creativity to thrive;
  • How we have oversold instruction;
  • How the only thing we ever have to justify are the things kids love.

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