Episode 27

Gary Chapin: How can we tell a different story of learning?

In this episode, I speak with Gary Chapin of Educating for Good and Seed + Spark. Gary is the co-author of 126 Falsehoods We Believe About Education (2021). He has been working in education since 2000, first as a teacher, then as a curriculum director, then as a Dept. of Ed. researcher, and most recently as an advocate and supporter of equity based practices such as competency-based learning, performance assessment, adaptive leadership, and collaborative cultures. He is deeply fascinated by questions like: What should kids learn? How do we decide what kids should learn? How do we learn what they learned? How can learning what they learned help them learn more? We discuss:

• How we can tell the story of learning in ways that bring in the voices of all stakeholders, not just the numbers in quantitative assessments;

• Belonging as a relationship that cannot be undone;

• How we might need to build something new so that the traditional system doesn't subvert new ideas.

Read Gary's article in Education Reimagined entitiled Talking Story: Embracing our Humanity on a Deeper Level: https://education-reimagined.org/talking-story-embracing-our-humanity-on-a-deeper-level/

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