Episode 1

Vlad Glăveanu: Thinking of possibilities rather than potential

In this episode, I speak with Vlad Glăveanu. Vlad is Full Professor of psychology in the School of Psychology, Dublin City University, and Professor II at the Centre for the Science of Learning and Technology, University of Bergen. He is the founder and president of the Possibility Studies Network (PSN). His work focuses on creativity, imagination, culture, collaboration, wonder, possibility, and societal challenges. He edited the Palgrave Handbook of Creativity and Culture (2016) and the Oxford Creativity Reader (2018), co-edited the Cambridge Handbook of Creativity Across Domains (2017) and the Oxford Handbook of Imagination and Culture (2017), authored The Possible: A Sociocultural Theory (Oxford University Press, 2020. We discuss:

🥥 How the concept of potential is linear and mechanistic, whereas possibilities are open-ended and emergent;

🥥 How affordance is the movable meeting point between person, object, and environment. It is intra-active;

🥥 Distributed creativity as shared creative responsibility, enacting our ethics as a collective, rather than individually.

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