Episode 3

Tom Rippin and Oliver Matikainen: Are the SDGs a dangerous distraction?

In this episode, I speak with Tom Rippin and Oliver Matikainen. I came across their article Are the SDGs a dangerous distraction? a few of weeks ago. It asks "Are we addicted to quick-fix painkillers – and still failing to address the underlying causes of our ailing economy?" In this conversation, we explore whether the worldview that created the SDGs is born from the same paradigm that created today's major problems. Tom is the CEO of On Purpose, an award-winning social enterprise developing purpose-driven leaders and a Trustee at Global Action Plan. Oliver is an Associate at On Purpose and has a rich background in sustainability development. We discuss:

🥥 How development as a linear, one size-fits-all path doesn't open up to different ways of becoming;

🥥 How the SDGs isolate problems in ways that don't recognize the interconnected whole;

🥥 How there is no unradical future: either we respond radically to create conditions for thriving or we don't and we risk facing radical futures that aren't so pleasant.

Here is the link to Tom and Oliver's Article in Pioneers Post: https://www.pioneerspost.com/news-views/20230105/are-the-sdgs-dangerous-distraction?

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