Episode 2

Dominic Regester: How can social-emotional learning shape the futures we want?

In this episode of the Coconut Thinking podcast (used to be called Meaningful Learning), I speak with Dominic Regester. Dominic is the program director at Salzburg Global Seminar. He is responsible for designing, developing and implementing programs on education, sustainability and innovation. He is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Commission on Education and Communication and a member of the Executive Committee for Karanga - The Global Alliance for Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills. Dominic advocates for centralizing social-emotional learning as a way to meet the challenges of the future, for the common good as well as our personal and professional fulfillment. We discuss:

  • How we can change education by changing ecosystems of learning;
  • How social-emotional skills can help us shape the life we want to lead;
  • How social-emotional learning is necessary to solve the metacrisis we face.

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