Episode 13

Amy Milliron: Learning through fearless regenerative farming

How might we create regenerative learning experiences through healthy soils?

Founder of Fearless Farmers, Amy Milliron creates online and onsite regenerative farming curricula for kids of all ages. Amy advocates for regenerative agriculture as a path to reverse climate change, heal the soil and improve health. She also works to promote regenerative food sources of all kinds, from the rights of breastfeeding mothers to feed in public to teaching people to grow their own foods, to creating curriculum that opens up communities around teh world to different ways of connecting with the earth and each other. We discuss:

🥥 The need to be connected to the land and know where your food comes from;

🥥 Opening up spaces so that we can learn from each other, not impose our views—this is regenerative;

🥥 Creating networks of that work on shared principles, but adapted to their local contexts.

You can find Fearless Farmers here: https://www.fearlessfarmers.org/

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