Episode 5

Devin Vodicka: Learning starts with knowing who we are

In this episode of the Coconut Thinking podcast, I speak with Devin Vodicka, CEO of the Learner-Centered Collaborative, former CEO of Altitude Learning, and author of "Learner-Centered Leadership." You will probably have come across Devin's writings, talks, and thoughts as he is as deep a thinker as he is a prolific creator. Devin contributes so much to the conversation about what it means to be a leader inside and outside schools, how we can think and re-think assessment to be more learner-centered, and the role of identity in the process of learning. Oh yeah, and he knows a thing or two about quantum mechanics. We discuss:

  • How the ways we have used to measure learning have impeded possibilities for learning;
  • How knowing who we are is essential to the process of learning, but there are many ways to define "we;"
  • How social connections need to power new ways of thinking, leaving egos behind.

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