Episode 9

Tanya Sheckley: Finding joy in learning through PBL

In this episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast, I speak with Tanya Sheckley, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of UP Academy, an elementary school in San Mateo, California, which is the first school in the world where kids who are able bodied and kids with physical disabilities learn together in the same classrooms. UP Academy focuses heavily on Project Based Learning, showing that elementary school students aren't too young to engage in authentic experiences.

 In this podcast, Tanya and I discuss:

  • How to develop core academic skills through student agency

  • How to build a school culture that promotes and sustains joy in learning and teaching

  • How to model lifelong learning to the students and adults alike.

Join us for another episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast by Coconut Thinking. We hope you enjoy this episode and please let us have your thoughts and feedback. 

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