Episode 4

David Penberg, Ph.D.: Telling different stories of learning

How might we free ourselves from the bondage of data to tell different stories of learning?

In this episode, I speak with David Penberg, Ph.D. David is an urban and international educator, teacher and writer with 40 years of experience. His work is place-based and intergenerational. He supports communities seeking to become more vital, joyous and integrated places of learning. He has held leadership and teaching roles in non-profits, community-based organizations, independent, international and charter schools, and in higher education. His love for learning and interest in people are rooted in a belief in agency and democratic practices. We discuss:

🥥 How intentionality can lead to greater well-being and deeper learning;

🥥 How to amplify stories of care, ones that connect and inspire us;

🥥 How schools can find their place within the community, as places of learning for all generations.

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