Episode 22

Cordell Jacks: Regenerative capital as net positive systemic change

How can capital contribute to the (non-monetary) wealth of the entire ecosystem?

In this episode, I speak with Cordell Jacks. Cordell is the Co-founder and CEO of Regenerative Capital Group, a Canadian-based fund and accelerator that trains entrepreneurs in an 'alternative' entrepreneurial career path through ETA (entrepreneurship through acquisition). Instead of launching start-ups as platforms for change and innovation, RCG champions aspiring leaders to acquire small businesses that have already proven market validation and traction, and that are seeking ownership transition from retiring baby boomers (most of whom are without succession plans). RCG acquires these businesses for the entrepreneur (no investment capital required from entrepreneur), where they can earn meaningful equity in the business if they take it on a 'regenerative journey'- looking at all material areas of impact the business has, which can be utilized as levers for net-positive value creation for all stakeholders (human, social, and environmental) across their ecosystems.

We discuss:

🥥 How mono-capitalism can be a source of degeneration, much like mono-agriculture can be, but eco-capitalism might open up different possibilities

🥥 How capital might become regenerative when it is nourishes every part of the ecosystem, human, other-than-human, and more than human

🥥 Approaching every moment as an opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem, to bring about the world we want.

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