Episode 1

Cindy Forde: Storytelling to inspire the possible

How might we tell new stories open up our imagination to what is possible?

In this episode, I speak with Cindy Forde. Cindy’s career has been dedicated to transforming how we understand and act as human beings towards Earth. She works globally with leaders across sectors in education, communication and sustainability including University of Cambridge and the UN, and believes the biggest impact we can have in making change is how we, as a global community, shape the mind-set of our children. In 2022, her children’s book “Bright New World” came out. 

Cindy is the founder of Planetari, an organization that sets out a new vision for education, to enable all children to understand our planet as a living system and to have the capacity for creativity and innovation to be able to live successfully here. Prior to  Planetari, Cindy led the Cambridge Science Centre as CEO and the Blue Marine Foundation as Managing Director. We discuss:

🥥 The importance of storytelling for us to imagine and then create possibilities for new a new worlds;

🥥 How healing ourselves (including the planet) begins by listening to one another with open hearts and minds;

🥥 How ecological breakdown finds its roots in colonialism and our spirit of extraction.

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