Episode 13

Jon Ardern: Calling time on human exceptionalism

In this episode, I speak with Jon Ardern, designer, artist and technologist. As Co-Founder and Director of Superflux he develops long term vision and strategy for the Studio alongside constant, and deliberate, prototyping and material investigation. Over the last 14 years Jon has developed pioneering design, technology and foresight projects, projects, and exhibitions receiving critical acclaim, awards, and press internationally. His work has been exhibited at the MoMA New York and V&A London on numerous occasions, and has won prizes from UNESCO and New York’s Social Design Network. Find Superflux's manifesto here. We discuss:

🥥 How we shouldn't decide the destination before taking the journey of exploration into design and learning;

🥥 How "navigating a predicament" might help us avoid the traps of problem-solution approaches;

🥥 How when we think we're designing experiences for others, we end up transformed ourselves.

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