Episode 15

Alexandra Pimor: Nature governance

In this episode, I speak with Alexandra Pimor. Alexandra leads on the Nature On The Board project, a pioneering endeavour to expand the scope of Rights of Nature across legal systems, corporate boards, and any decision-making body to foster a global Nature/Earth-based governance praxis. A published scholar with over 20 years’ experience in pedagogical engineering, Ally started her career as a senior law lecturer in the UK. We discuss:

🥥 Nature governance as a way to bring back nature consciousness in our decision-making, our ways of doing things, our lives as a collective;

🥥 How understanding that we are relational, that we are Nature, would lead us to make different decisions and connect in ways that lead to thriving;

🥥 How Nature governance is the cultivation of happiness.

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This work is inspired by Nature on the Board, Faith in Nature and Lawyers For Nature.

Nature on the School Board: www.natureontheschoolboard.com where we propose to put a proxy for Nature on schools' boards or senior leadership teams.

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